A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

You are a young mutant troll on ALTERNIA. You recently lost your lusus, and now you are going out to find them. 

You've been shut in all of your life. Now you finally have an opportunity to make FRIENDS. 

A Hiveswap: Friendsim fangame using my own fantrolls! This story is linked to the MSPFA fanventure SMET

All fantrolls portrayed in this fangame belong to me unless stated in the credits! 


friendsim-1.0-pc.zip 50 MB
friendsim-1.0-mac.zip 33 MB


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hey I really like your game, wondering if you want fanart? definitely a 10/10 for m

:000 I would love fanart! If you have any, you can send it to @strawberrycubes on twitter! I'm glad you like my game so much!!

oh im sorry do you have Instagram?

i dont have instagram, sorry! You can send me a link to it, though!